S.C.O.O.G., is an American hip hop recording artist. He hails from New Orleans, LA. He grew up partly in what is known as the 7th ward area of the city and the popular New Orleans East. 

S.C.O.O.G. started rapping at the age of 12. He recorded his first original song at the age of 15. He released several mixtapes which earned S.C.O.O.G. respect and popularity throughout the southern region.

S.C.O.O.G. attended Southern University in New Orleans but he was forced to transfer when Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans and other southern cities in 2005. He relocated to the Bay Area, where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree. 

After working with several underground artists in New Orleans, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, S.C.O.O.G. has earned respect as one of the most talented underground artist to emerge. He released his 2011 EP "S.C.O.O.G. (Spittin' Cool On Outstanding Game).

In the third quarter of 2013 S.C.O.O.G. released a project entitled, S.C.O.O.G.'s World. The two singles "Raw" and "I'm A Man" were the first offers from the project. Both created a buzz across several media outlets and blog sites. 

In June 2017 S.C.O.O.G. released an EP entitled "They Waiting' On Game". 

In 2018 S.C.O.O.G. released the single "Elevate". 

In 2019, S.C.O.O.G. released the single "Dreamers" featuring Josh Gray, 3dNaTee, and Don Flamingo.

On March20, 2020, S.C.O.O.G. released a full length project entitled, "Stressing For Stability" on all streaming platforms.

In May 2020, S.C.O.O.G. launched the Spittin' Cool Sunday's platform to discuss a variety of topics with a wide range of people. Some of the topics discussed include: Identity, entrepreneurship, etc. 

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